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Frequently Asked Questions
S: How many years are warranty time for my engine?
C:Warranty time are 2 year or 2000 working hours for all Kubota engines.
S: Which engine oil should I use?
C: You can use as 10W30, 15W40 engine oils. Kubota recommend to API CF and upper performance level oils for use.
S: Could I use synthetic oil in my engine?
C: Kubota recommend to API CF and upper performance level for use.You could use synthetic oil in this quality.
S: Could I extend to engine oil changing period if I use to synthetic oil?
C: No.Oil changing period should be same.
S: Is E-85 fuel (% 85 Ethanol,%15 Gasoline) suitable for Kubota engines?
C: E85 (%85 Ethanol,%15 Gasoline) is required different air-fuel mixture. Kubota engines shouldn’t use in this case.
S: Could I use biodiesel fuel in my engine?
C: You could use B5 (%5 Biodiesel + %95 Diesel) fuel in your engine.
S: Could I add gasoline or gas oil to diesel for more fluid in the winter?
C: No. Gasoline or Gas oil damage to injection pump seriously.
S: I will not use my machine which has Kubota engine during winter.What should I do for stock?
C: After you add stabilizer to your fuel, you provide to spread in system through working during 15 minutes.Make sure your engine’s antifreeze ratio is %50 in cooling water mixture.Thus your engine resist to -370C temperature.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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